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I want to immediately notice that the support replies within 10 seconds, which is good news.

There have never been difficulties with solving problems and questions.
I respect every support on the site, but I would like to see people I especially love.

Irena,  thank you for being and for being so kind and responsive! Even if I lose and go take my rakeback, you are the only one who can cheer me up.
Dusan,  a sweet guy and very modest, often bump into him in a chat and he never ignores my requests.
Dose,  just the sexiest guy on the steak. The same is doing a great job!

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truly one of the best Support teams I have come across throughout any online gambling site. They are calm and collected when I am cranky and hella mean. They answer so freaking fast every time. They seems to care about the community of Stake and it shows through their relentless effort to support all us crazy Stakers.


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12 hours ago, Paqui133 said:


well, the plinko fails me a lot, he gave me 2 times 170 and three x130 and I don't pay them I leave steel, the balls went out and nobody knew how to give me an explanation and I lost a lot of bit

Hi Paqui! :) 

I have now checked your tickets regarding this issue, both my colleagues have provided an explanation regarding the Plinko issue you had reported - this was regarding the visual bug with animation only. After clearing cache, you should've been able to see the proper animation. In addition to this, bet ID is always the best to refer to in order to see the correct payout and also to verify the bet. 

Moreover, you've been asked for the bet IDs in question so that we could forward it to the developers to have a look at regardless of the issue being animation related only, but we haven't heard back from you on this. Additionally, I see that you have posted your issue on Dan's topic regarding this issue as well, but haven't posted the bet IDs as required in the topic where we tried to collect more data about the animation issue in Plinko (https://forum.stake.com/topic/25043-make-plinko-great-again/).


With that said, once again, that was only animation issue, we apologize for any inconvenience it may caused. If you require any additional explanation and/or help to verify those bets, please, reach us out on Live Support, we'll be happy to assist. ;) 

And also, thank you for the feedback, it's immensely appreciated! 😎

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