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Finished "The Road" from Cormac McCarthy yesterday. I must have seen the movie back in the days (don't really remember well tho) and I believe the book will have the same effect, not very memorable on the long term.

 It is a post-apocalyptic tale of a journey of a father and his young son over a period of several months, across a landscape blasted by an unspecified cataclysm that has destroyed most of civilization and, in the intervening years, almost all life on Earth.

I know the book received a Pulitzer price in 2007 & all but I found it ... insipid. Nothing new or really creative. Basically it's a mix between Walking Dead and Mad Max. And when the book was written (2006) the Walking Dead comics already existed for 2 years. I mean it's not a bad book at all but it's ... flat.



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I'm currently reading this topic. Lol, I wish I could start reading again, life has put some of it's nonsense all around me that has me anxiously trapped inside this cage with bars wide enough for me to escape from, yet in my mind I believe I can't escape. :o or whatever , i dunno. Here are some of my favorite books that I have read that have become part my collection of favorites and would just like to share with anyone interested. 






download (1).jpg




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Just finished the first 2 books (out of 4) of David Gemmell's cycle : Rigante. Title Sword in the Storm & Midnight Falcon.

With J.R.R. Tolkien and Terry Brooks, Gemmell is definitely in my top 3 of the best heroic-fantasy authors.


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Finished the books number 3 and 4 of David Gemmell's cycle : Rigante - Ravenheart (book 3) & Stormrider (book 4)

A nice but a little too long (2200+ pages) story spreading over multiple hundreds of years.



Also finished the last book of Stephen King in french (a block of 850+ pages) : The bazaar of bad dreams


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Just read "Inside Wikileaks : My time with Julian Assange at the world's most dangerous website


I saw the movie "The 5th Estate" few months ago and the book is one of the sources of it. But It's written by the right hand of Assange and I had read that the movie was not really close to what really happened with Wikileaks. So I wanted to have the other point of view. Quite interesting, nice book.

Also read the 5 "Ultimate End" comics of the 2016 Marvel's main event : Secret War ;)


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My last read was the first part of a romanced version of the life of Miyamoto Musashi, one of the best (if not the one) well known samuraï of the feudal Japan.

Written by Eiji Yoshikawa (one of the best japanese author of the last century) it's a very great book for those who like adventure, martial art, japanese culture, values of honor and dignity, zen/buddhism, etc. But it's quite a long read (850 pages) so if you don't like that ... you'll probably never finidh the book. Now i'm starting the second part ;)


In english I believe the entire story was published in 7 books with the simple title of "Musashi". At least that's what Wikipedia say : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musashi_(novel)

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Reading your previous posts made 'The Da Vinci Code' to hop straight to No.1 on my 'to read list'. 😄

I just got 'The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros' and can't wait to start reading! I have no idea how I missed this one while reading 'A song of ice and fire'. 🤔

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