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On 29.10.2017 at 21:58, Viksen said:

в Украине где я родился, о любителях чтения люди говорят * книга теплая *

Я читаю много книг

последние два года мне нравится читать фэнтези 

и конечно * Гарри Поттер * один из моих любимых

how old are you still reading Harry Potter

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Well sounds like we are quite many to be bookworm as you said. I'm kinda big reader too. Less since I have my 3 kids to take care ( now I read more child literature) but still a big reader. 

Just finished ( the same I started it) guerilla by laurent Obertone a great and baiting book about how civilisation felt apart really quickly. The book has been written with intel from French homelamd security services and is really well written. Quite frightening as it so realistic more over after all the riots and strikes we had in France last year... 

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I am reading the 2019 brought a plethora of AML regulations for businesses and non-compliance is no more an option in 2020, it’s an obligation at this blog: https://shuftipro.com/blogs/aml-compliance-checklist-for-efficient-aml-screening-in-2020/
Because I love the Cyber Security and Trending Technologies News. 

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