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Mines Gambling Probability

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Hello, kinda new here, but I wanted to ask about the probability of the mines game.

Let's say you were doing a game with 24 gems, 1 bomb.

The odds of not hitting a bomb at all are:

(24/25) x (23/24) x (22/23) x ..... which is just 24!/25! or 1/25

Meanwhile, if the game was with 24 bombs, 1 gem,

The odds of not hitting a bomb are just 1/25.

Therefore, would the payout of the two games be the same or would one be higher?


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The odds for you hitting consecutive diamonds gets significantly smaller after every diamond. because finding one diamond leaves you with less diamonds to find. and eventually theres more mines to diamonds left. 

As the risk for losing grows, so does the multiplier $$$$$$$$$ 
Except for 24 mines and 1 diamond. Risk doesnt change since theres only one gween. so neither does the multiplier. 

- ezpz all day eryday

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1 minute ago, SovietDoggo said:

Its the same, but it doesnt feel like it sometimes, i'd rather play on 10 mines rather than 24 getting the same multiplier though.

it's the same if you play on auto, but on manual you have a choice to stop midway and get less money with 10 mines

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Yaar.. 1 gem 24 bombs or 24 gems 1 bomb are the same. Reverse it or not, will give the same payout. I usually play with 13 gems 7 bombs and somtimes like to reverse it for no good reason, thats how i found out theres no difference xD

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