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The Whole System Is Rigged

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Probably not a great discovery for some of you, probably just another conspiracy for others. But in both cases a nice read just to make you think about things, to remind us to not follow blindly what governments or medias are saying but to think and act by ourselves.

Article https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-02/chris-martenson-whole-system-rigged

In short: it’s a rigged game. Perhaps it always has been, but in today's digital age, the tools of state are becoming ever more crafty, sophisticated and complete. 

The message to take from this is: You are on your own.  There’s no benevolent government preparing to step in and sort things out for you if/when collapse arrives.  Your pensions are already gone -- the math is cruelly certain on that. Self-interested corporations set the rules. Power will never be fairly redistributed due to elections. 

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It is so important these days to be able to clearly think for yourself.

There are more sheep in society than ever before - people following narratives of governments and politicians

People should open there eyes, and decide what their values are objectively (yes, I know easier said than done).

That's just my thoughts, I would love to hear some more as well :)

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