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Tip log progress

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Ok i am so pissed because of this tip log issue. I really need it back now xD 

Whats the progress ? Can any developers say ? Its really frustrating cause i get tips and i cant see from who ffs. 

When is the real release date ? pls tell me 

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Here is a quick how:

  1. Download a GraphQL client. I recommend Insomnia: https://insomnia.rest/
  2. Grab your token from the site. If you use Chrome, go to stake.com press Ctrl+Shift+I / Application / Local Storage, find the jwt token under stake.com and copy it's value
  3. In Insomnia, create a new request
  4. Change the request URL to https://api.stake.com/graphql
  5. Change request type from Body to GraphQL
  6. Copy this code in the GraphQL tab:
    query {
    	user {
    		tipList {currency amount createdAt sendBy {name}}
    		sendTipList {currency amount createdAt sendBy {name}}
    		rainList {currency amount}


  7. Add a new header named x-access-token and insert your jwt token as value without quotation marks
  8. Click Send

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