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Morgan Stanley Set To Trade BTC

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So, a major player is set to start trading Bitcoin in volume. {.__.} With the coinciding low price of Bitcoin it was certainly an advantageous point in time to enter into the market if the original cryptocoin is still to meet its massive projections of 20k, or as McAfee predicts one million USD. I don't really believe in coincidences, do you? :P

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1 minute ago, bmg said:

I think over time that McAfee's prediction may very well come true but it will be a while. Also no i dont believe in coincidence when it comes to large money making companies

It had better! The alternative for him is a little gruesome. xD I think the uber-rich see the market for exactly what it is.. prime real estate. :P and for all we know it was created by the ultra rich as a way to grow even more powerful as the Petro Dollar's value crumbles, and the Age of Fiat comes to an end. 

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