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Let’s focus on making money in Crypto World

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Hi Friends Many are still confusing what to do or not do in Crypto World , after reading more and learnng more i could reach out wtih some important points that can help you in Crypto world

==>> Let’s not forget, the following may happen in next 2 quarters: -

==>One or more BTC ETFs -

==> Bakkt coming online -

==>>Safe Tether -

==>> ETH futures -

==>> Morgan BTC derivative -

==>> Citigroup BTC derivative -

==>> Corporate Insurance on Crypto.

If Investment & speculation is the game - lots to look forward to


Let’s focus on making money. It’s absolutely possible to make the highest ROI with the help of some good mentors #crypto offers the best environment for explosive returns unlike any other asset class Keep your eyes & ears open & make right choice & you are golden

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