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The Day I Found 500$

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So I was playing golf a few years back, back when I was 16 . So I was there playing golf, was kicking ass too. I mean I was hot that game, no one could stop me. I felt like tiger woods back in 09'. I had my Nike hat, gloves , full on vest , shoes. I was unstoppable, until I found a wallet. Guessing it was the guy be in front of me playing. I saw a that he had a ripp on the back of his pocket. So I grabbd to the wallet. Stopped my great game, I should of been on the next cover of EA PGA golf for the game I was playing. Anyways he ended up coming up to me ask me " hey man you find a wallet back there , I just called cashed my check and I think I dropped my wallet with my cash in it." And I said no. I didn't . I felt bad was gonna give it to him. But I was 16 , I could do so much with 500$ so I bought few things . ( Coke, strippers, and more Coke. ) The end

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На дорогах нашего города скоро появится новый дорожный знак - Джокер. Джокер может быть любым знаком по желанию ГИБДДшника...

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