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Girls at stake are beautiful, aren't they? :)

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(post is for fun purpose)

well i think i found very pretty and beautiful girls here at stake ;)

i mean look at the admins, irena, bojana, katarina and others

also in players, like zaynabshah bmg, badger, nadiya scooterpi, paecga, robbie, luckycharmer etc etc


they all are awesome :)


so yeah its fun to be here with them, all day you are spending time with beautiesssss  :) what you say.

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The girls (and dudes) I've met here so far are the kindest and most beautiful people I know! You would think that in an online casino, where you mostly lose money and have a shit mood about it, there is a depressed and bad mood. But here you feel welcomed everytime and you get included into the community immediately! I love stake - and it's girls!

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On 10/11/2018 at 2:31 AM, Furlicious said:

Lmao! Sexy robbie in bikinis! 😂 n yeah! Stake community involves only the hottest and coolest members including the supports. Luv them to the max!😙

can't imagine robbie wearing a 👙 😂 

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