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How to use the "Trivia-Bot"

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How to use the trivia bot.

1. Type /trivia in chat.

2. A window like shown below will pop up.


3. You type in your Question in the bar below "Question", you also type in the right answer in the bar below "answer" and you put in the amount the winner should receive in the bar below "Amount for winner (BTC)".

4. To start your trivia click the green "START" button.

5. The question will automatically be posted in chat like this. 1653252176_Screenshot(13).png.73909eeff0a8ce6a0070f58e057084f0.png

6. Another window like below will pop up and you'll have the option to "CANCEL" the trivia or wait until someone answered correct.1001395558_Screenshot(12).png.af8f97f45b94a6dd2883ada24b96ae6b.png

7. Once someone answered correctly it'll say "First right answer by: (Username)" in the window and you have the option to directly tip him by clicking the green "TIP (Amount) BTC" button.2102580953_Screenshot(11).png.eb3705c59dfefaff30a6e06fcec67cf6.png

8. The right answer and the winner get announced in chat.


I hope this tutorial will help at least one person to figure out the trivia bot! xD

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Trivia disabled already :( was old and good time... what a pity. I'm thinking now because they spam on chat. I will add new topic on forum. 

I must think well. Trivia must be :(  I do not like restrictions and support can trivia only.

Very sad deleted trivia for users only.



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