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Users with Loans from me [PENDING]

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This post is just to keep track of open loans that have NOT yet been paid, since the lending section of the forum will be archived on 24/09/2018.

All loans were done in the forum here: https://forum.stake.com/topic/11602-lending-williams-bank-btcethltc-loans/

I am not reporting these users, just posting them here to keep track until they pay:

1. @denildan 500k satoshis [Loan granted on 17/09/2018] (Must repay by 08/10/2018)

These users are banned until they repay:

@Timvz @zeriko @Tsvetlena

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@Etude your loan is now officially overdue (in day 9 already) - you must please pay me now.

@denildan your loan is extended until 30 September (he will pay earlier if possible).

@zeriko has said that he will pay as soon as he can, probably in the next 24 hours or so.

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