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📢 Looking for New Brand Managers

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We are looking for people to work in a closed team of Brand Managers.

The job consists in you doing updates to your threads on Bitcointalk, some extra Forums and extra social medias, such as Facebook Groups, based on a schedule we will provide you.
These updates must be done in your own language and should not take you more than a few minutes per day. Some languages updates should be every day while some others are limited to up to 4x a week, according to their forums subsections / social medias activity.

No Google translators or anything similar will be accepted. If we find you using such services you will be kicked from the team and don't expect any payment


- Be a citizen from any of the following countries:

  • Chinese
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Turkish
  • Ukranian

- Some photoshop knowledge. You don't need to be an expert but some basic knowledge so you can edit/translate and save as png/gif/web some assets we will provide to you to use in your updates.
- Have a Bitcointalk Account (Jr Member or higher)


- Weekly, directly to your wallet address or by tip to your Stake or Primedice account, whichever suits you better
- You will not have a fix payment per week, you will get paid for each update you do, which means we are looking for people really interested in working. The more and better you work the bigger your payment will be.

Feel free to leave any question you may have here in the comments, through Private Message or directly on my Telegram @Carollzinha, please.

- This is a serious job so do not apply if you are not really interested in doing it well.
- Please don't apply while you have any warning on forum. You don't have to create a new account either. You can just message the Mod or Admin that warned you and try to solve the issue first, I am pretty sure they are always open to help you solving these issues.
- You should pay any loan you have pending before applying for the job position.
- Please don't apply to any language that is not your native language. We are not looking for people that can speak these languages, we are looking for people with "skills" that only real citizens should have.
- You can apply to any language position (we will save your name in our list of applications) but at first we will only contact people of the languages listed above.

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5 hours ago, Mlc said:

yeah I am not from the countries listed above but if ever there is a slot for untied kingdom, then I meet all other requirements you listed

I am sorry but United Kingdom main language is English, the same as our sites and main threads everywhere so there is no need for a Brand Manager as they work for languages and not countries itself :)

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Posted (edited)

If you need Filipino Ambassador next time I am just here . I am just at home doing bounties in my social media including bitcointalk . I am knowledgeable  in terms of promotion campaign and moderation since I am also doing that to ICO's which I can apply as ambassador of stake.com . 

✔️ Bitcointalk Account - Full Member

✔️ Know how to run Social Media Pages 

✔️ Can adjust to time if needed 

✔️ Fair to everyone in terms of moderation 

✔️ Can contribute or suggest on team about better ideas 

✔️ Knowledge how to build own content 



*If ever please drop me a message here or via email : markenzoayala@gmail.com 

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