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Better using maths and probability.

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I sort of love the maths and probability behind all this games of chance. When I believe nothing can go worse than this, something unexpected shows up and caught me completely off guard.

So how to better use maths and probability in game of chance is to use them where its meant to be used for.

Maths not to calculate bets for progressive gambling strategy, all progressive strategy bust at the end no matter how good the strategy is. You must use maths to properly size your bets and to better manage your bankroll.

Probability to better understand the odds you are up against and not for predicting future outcomes based on past outcomes. If you have a 50% Winning chance you have 50% winning chance every bet.

Never martingale and stress your bankroll. Sometimes even the bet amount goes over several times the initial bet amount just to recover the earlier loss bet amount and make a little profit. If a particular odds is not in your favour change it and do not wait for the long losing streak just to turn to win.

The fear of being wrong and losing your initial profits must not be the reason for burning your bankroll. Have the guts to stop and take a loss, its better to be left with at least half of your bankroll than to be left with nothing.

Better understanding both will help you in making better bets and never make the unnecessary bets that makes you lose a large portion of your bankroll.

Never make the mistake of going all in no matter how good the chances of winning are unless its a 100% winning chance. Even a 1% losing chance is enough to burn your entire bank roll if you go all in.

How do you use maths and probability in your games?

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On 9/29/2018 at 7:52 PM, williamshennie9 said:

I use math to calculate the percentage of my balance that I allow myself to wager per day. I usually see my balance as 100%, not as a bitcoin value amount. This way if I lose 5%, it is not the end of the world, I still have 95% left :D

Good use of maths for risk management :)

On 9/29/2018 at 8:03 PM, davinmark said:

i dont really use math in my bet.. because i only use martinegale (On Dice) :D 

because the most important to me is Profit. so i just do a random gamble.. if i win, its good. but if lose, its damn unlucky 

Martingale you really need some maths otherwise you will bust :D I do hope that you have some risk management relying on luck is not that good.

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Using maths for your bet goes 2 ways yes you can tell your chance of winning but the more neglected one is you should consider your chance of loss and hence make your bet size according where your still in a stable position should you lose

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I dont even bother lol.. i tend to just follow gut feeling and also look out for certain patterns that the system makes. After playing thesame game for a while.. youll start to notice patterns. for example, you get x amount of reds.. hit green.. if ot hits green again.. then x amount of reds will follow.. nohing exact as per how many it is.. but youll have a certain idea on the average.. then math comes in when you say.. ok i may get between x and x reds so i will bet this much in order to eat those reds and still have enough if i get more.. xD

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