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I just found this strat and it worked really good for me!

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Okay so today I went from 0.0027 BTC to 0.0143 BTC using this stratergy. 

Its obviously on the wheel as Im posting it in the wheel thread but anyways lets get into the stratergy.

okay so its a manual strat and I have not found a way to automate it yet. You have base bet at 0.3% of your balance and high risk 4 segments on the wheel. Then you make a bet, if it hits the 3.95x you just play again but if it hits one of the 0.00x you double your money and play spin again, if you win this bet you just reset to basebet and restart but if you lose you bet same amount again. If you win you reset and if you lose you double up, every time you lose two times in a row you need to double up. 

Say you bet 0.00000250 first and lose, then you bet 0.00000500 and if you lose you bet it again, then if that one is a loss too you double up and just keep doing that until you win, then you reset.

This is a pretty low risk stratergy but you could make a LOT from it aswell, tell me if you try it and how it went. Hope I made sense in this post lol :) 

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It is low risk BUT Im using a similar strat and after playing a lot of time I got a 34 red streak, and that kills even a very big balance.....

All the strats work until they stop working.

And using some kind of martingale in this case, or in keno, or in mines or in dice, when used long enough time you will get a sequence that kills you.....


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