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Suggestions on how to gamble professionally

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1. Don't rely on luck

The truth is that a professional gambler should never rely solely on luck, because as soon as they put their fortunes in the hands of the Gods than they have already lost.

2. Play the odds

The goal of a professional gambler is not to eliminate luck, but to reduce it to a minor statistic and then play the odds. For instance, if you correctly manipulate a game of blackjack then you might be able to flip the odds in your favor. 

3. Maintain Calm

Before you convince yourself that you need to double-up, take a breath, close your eyes and don’t do anything for a few minutes. In that time the anger will subside, the adrenaline will ebb away and you’ll begin to think rationally again.



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All three of the given advice above seems sound and legit in practice. I believe in order to perform as a professional of any kind judgement and decisions made while being under pressure would be the most crucial indeed.


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