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Don't think positive, always think the opposite way because they're like trying to read your mind when you bet a lot of money or you bet high, that means you're letting them know that you're positive that you're gonna win in which they will make you lose, if you bet low, you're making them think that you're not having good faith in yourself, and in that case they will let you win, that's why it's always better to play safe.

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I really don't understand what are you talking about. I think this rule is applicable in gambling, playing on casino slots and other things like that but not in sports betting. Here you have the possibility to choose from 3 possible outcomes : either one of the teams win, either the score remains equal(of course there are thousands of other bets you can play on different matches but we I just give this as a simple example) Of course they are trying to attract you with different odds on matches that are not fair but its your problem what matches you choose. You have a simple decision to make, choose one match that has low chances of remaining equal and predict who is going to win it. So you have two possible outcomes, it's a simple decision and it's only your fault if you choose the wrong team.

When you are playing slots, you can blame them for modifying the machines so that you are going to lose doesn't matter what you will do but when we are talking about sports betting you have a choice to make and it's your decesion if you are going to win or not. Personally I think almost every match if predictibile if you study very closely the teams and of course follow your intuition. 

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Hi there!I think that sports betting is a very difficult analytical work.Here's tips that I think should not be neglected.The interest of mass media in this League is so great that living anywhere in the world you are not particularly straining can be aware of all the events that occur in this League. For example, Kobe Bryant (Duncan/Nash/Nowitzki etc.) is injured and can't play for a month, so makes sense as something to take advantage of this fact. For example, to play against his team in the next 10 matches, it seems as logical reasoning that without its star the team will not be able to win regularly or at least throughout the match to look worthy against the optimal opponent.

But after a month of playing on this principle with unfeigned surprise found that in the end You are at best not lost their money, and even worse. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of players are not fully aware of the complex rules of the process in which they participate.

If you are engaged in such a complex matter as betting on the NBA, you should be clearly aware of the fact that the line on the NBA matches in its correctness second only to the lines of the NFL (and then not the fact, depending on what factor the line to take as a basis in the analysis). This is not my judgment, but the opinion of American experts from the leading offices of Las Vegas, who themselves write this line and have extensive experience in this business.

It is necessary to accept initially as an axiom that the vast majority of bets on the American sports is made on the balanced lines which, as a rule, do not contain mistakes. This is especially true for the player from the CIS, because before the line comes to him, it is polished bettors USA (the day before the matches), then Europe and only after that falls into the prices of such offices as Marathon, Betcity or Parimatch.

So how would we not be sure that San Antonio today is sure to win against Minnesota with a difference of more than 8 points yet for a second is to think: can it be frankly wrong line for this NBA match, if it is observed multimillion interest from the public? After all, correctly predict the course of the game, the superiority of one team over another does not mean that you correctly predict the exact outcome of the confrontation. And it was after the final score, the bookies are counting your bets.  The specific outcome of the match depends on many factors, including such as:

 - motivation of the team in the last minutes of the already won match;

- from the correctness of decision-making during the match, not only the coaching staff of the team, but also from the players on the court.

And after all very many of these guys appear in summer in criminal reports and thus to the Russian press only the loudest "flights" of stars of NBA roll. And although these young American guys and get a very solid money, to make them play with full dedication throughout the 82 games of the season is impossible. Sooner or later in the game the team comes natural decline in sports form, because physiologically and psychologically to spend such a long season at the same level is simply impossible.

Client bookmaker, predicting the match and betting on it suggests that today his team will play in full force and will not allow relaxation with an advantage of 15 points. But very often it happens the opposite, and so often that sooner or later You have to reckon with these factors in the preparation of their forecasts. It is at this point that comes the understanding that betting on the NBA is much more difficult than it seemed before.

And after some time of unsuccessful struggle on this front, many understand why almost all bookmakers give the NBA in their lines and why this League is considered one of the most profitable for them. American sports are so profitable in the betting business that the margin on them in almost all offices is significantly different from the margin on other sports. And differs in favor of the player.

Another very important point that eventually affects your game Bank-a series of losses and victories. The NBA season lasts 8 months, and no matter how experienced a player You are, it is impossible to avoid a series of defeats that can last for weeks. It is at this point that your ability to properly manage your emotions and the Bank will be required. It's always a shame to lose due to the fact that Steve Nash did not get out of the ring for 5 seconds before the end of the match, when you lacked only 1 point to break the total or, conversely, someone got from the center of the field with a siren thus "killing" your bet on a minus handicap. When betting on the NBA, you should be prepared for the fact that at some point in the 8-month marathon betting you will lose one bet after another in the most offensive way.

The way you manage your Bank at such moments will have the most significant impact on the balance of your gaming account. Unfortunately, there is no consensus on how to play in such periods. Some experts say that you need to put less or not to put at all in those days and weeks when you do not have a game and put more when it goes. On the other hand, not playing you can not know when you have the game is, and when not. But when it comes time to play for money - everything changes dramatically. Because money is one of the most important parts of our lives and to put up with their loss psychologically very difficult.

If you do decide to bet on the NBA, you should be prepared for the hard daily work. In any case, do not expect that you will be able to beat linemakers Vegas on the banal "flair" or using any program.  You can be sure that with this approach in the long term, you will suffer a loss and it is good if it is minimal for you.

In my opinion, in order to play successfully NBA you must know English and study the American press every day to have at least a minimal advantage over the line. Only the analysis of the American press will help you to learn about new injuries, problems of the teams, about the plans of the coach for this or that game before the linesmakers and the bulk of the players learn about it.

Only in the American Internet you will be able to find a professional basketball analyst, though for high-quality information of this kind, most likely, will have to pay. Many novice and self-confident players believe that they do not need it, but 2-3 years of experience of daily bets on the NBA, as a rule, changes their opinion. Only "chuyka" backed by information and experience can bring you success in the long term.

In principle, if you want to bet on the NBA and make a profit from this You need to win only 55-59% of your bets, but under the important condition that they are made in the bookmaker with a minimum margin (for example, in PinnacleSports). But the problem is that to win 60 out of 100 bets, maybe 20% of the players, but to win 3000 out of 5000 bets can units.

Therefore, if some mailing service in its advertising says that they offer bets on the NBA and win 75% of the proposed rates – it is likely a fraud or manipulation of statistics. I myself conduct the newsletter and I can confidently say that winning 57-58% of their rates is a very good result when it comes to the long term. However, to profit from these percentages it is necessary to strictly follow the chosen financial strategy.

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Heh, thats interesting. I was having a conversation with another player yesterday about a topic somewhat similar to this. We talked about HiLo and the times where you cant even seem to open a second card. Like the system is able to read your mind, and it sorta can in a sense. Its programmed to learn our habits of choices.. I mentioned, that one night, i just got completely baked and played HiLo. I would go for sequences that if i think ot will be high, i would pick the opposite then casually go back to picking what i think it would he.. And i was actually doing well and profiting quite well. Its like mindfukn the bot hahaha .. since it does it us most of the time.. Give it its own medicine xD.

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I think the best strategy is to play on sports you know and understand. Play on teams who are in a winning series, look out for the surprise, that's where you can win the biggest amount, and stay away from pre-match bets with too low odds.

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