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Faucet will be phased out ?

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On 10/9/2018 at 10:17 AM, Etude said:

The claimable faucet amounts as of today is so low to the extent it is just meant for us to try out the games at Stake. 

It would be ideal perhaps for there to be a introduction of a level system for faucet claimed size that coincides with total amount wagered perhaps. This can prove to be an attraction and benefit which in turn encourage more players to wager on the site in larger amounts.

Ahh the old stake system. When we had levels as well, stake simply doesn't want a faucet for making money though.

Also encourages account selling

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I think there should be a minimum how much you can use it. To relieve some of the abusers. Like you can only use it twice a week or something of the sort. If you used up your take, then your done for the week. I think when people abuse perks like this that can potentially help us in playing, they will get rid of it.

2 hours ago, setartlife said:

I hope beggars will go away and faucet will be restored-)

I agree!!


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16 minutes ago, BLXN said:

I think new accounts should have to accept the chat rules as binding when they join - 1 hr mute, 24hr mute, and then permanent mute as strike 1 / 2 / & 3. 


BLXN I agree with you! :) Maybe Staff needs to enforce not abusing the faucet? I know that is not always possible. If there are more rules and policies that will help.

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