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/trivia command bug

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i'm using firefox (not sure that's related or not, just in case) and using /trivia command + input question and answer.

however i see the problem as soon as i'm using it, there's a double chat line for every chat text (every text repeated once) and chat is very slow down

then when there's a guy answer correctly i click tip from trivia window, but i need to input 2FA (but again there's no 2FA in trivia window) so i need to cancel the trivia and tip normally

so, to sum up 1. trivia cause repeated chat for the one who create it (not sure it is just me or for every one else too, sorry for no image) 2. it need 2FA to tips but trivia window doesn't have 2FA input box

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This exact problem happened to me a few days ago as well. It definitely needs to be fixed. There is no option on the trivia box to enter a 2fa code, but when you try and tip someone, you can't becuase it asks for a 2fa code (but there is nowhere where you can enter it). Thanks for pointing this out, I use Chrome :)

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