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Has any one hit 9900x two times in a row ?

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Hello .

Maybe you know maybe someone has hit 9900x twice in a row? Or like after few bets?

Whats your best win on 9900x?

Well myself.. i havent hit 9900x. :/

only was betting 100 satoshis over switched sides after 3 bets i got 99.99 was depresed.... very sad.

i had gotten 8- 0.00 ticks in 1k rolls when hunting 1100x /9990x but didnt hit A SINGLE ONE. In primedice.

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19 minutes ago, DarkBlood069 said:

No, this is very unlikely but I'm not going to state that it's impossible, some people have very good luck here at stake. But it's very possible it could happen to a lucky player. Who knows? It's a bit of luck right in the end... I even struggle with a 2x yet alone a 9900x multiplier.

Yeah, that is very true. I struggle to get 2 in a row on 5x, never mind 9800x :D

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I've played dice the most, and I've definitely seen 5+ 0.00 and 100.00s within maybe 100k rolls (not including when I left autobet on while asleep). I change seed alot though, and almost always miss those 9900x opportunities since I don't fancy chasing such a small change of winning. 

P.S. the past tense of hit is also hit, so hitted doesn't make sense 😛

P.P.S this should've been posted in the dice section. Some other games offer much higher multipliers than 9900x and people might get confused.

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