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Bitcore the best alternative coin for bitcoin in the future

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What is Bitcore BTX ?

Bitcore BTX  is a cryptocurrency that was created in April 2017 by the developers of Bitsend. Basically, it is a cryptocurrency that copies many of the Bitcoin assets but works on its own and it has smaller fees compare to bitcoin and also faster than bitcoin .

Basically, this is another cryptocurrency that you can use to exchange, invest or buy goods online. There is nothing inherently new in the way Bitcore works, but the company that created this cryptocurrency is offering promotions for people that use this currency.

How Does Bitcore Work?

It works just like Bitcoin for its users. You get the wallet, buy the currency and you can use it online. The only difference is how the specifics of the blockchain technology used in Bitcore are different from Bitcoin.

The blocktime of this currency is two and a half minuted when Bitcoin’s is ten minutes, for instance. The maximum blocksize is 10MB when Bitcoin’s is 1MB . This makes Bitcore more efficient and cheaper than Bitcoin, which can help the company grow in the future.The holders of at least 1 BTX will be qualified for weekly airdrops. The airdrops will add a percentage to the quantity of coins you already have and they will be used to make more users adhere to this type of cryptocurrency. To use this feature, you will have to register on the site.

Source : bitcoinexchangeguide.com/bitcore-btx-ico

Conclusion: I can see that bitcore will be a good investment and best to hold for long terms . Best time to buy right now while its cheap . 

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