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i'm bored, so i decide to play bj for 100 hands using basic strat

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..and the results was surprisingly profits (i guess i'm lucky since i lose more than win, and doesn't lose any double, plus dealer got 0 bj)

i start with 5,081 litoshi and the final balance is 5,781

out of 100 hands: i won 43, lose 47, and tie 10. the lowest balance is 4,731 while the highest balance is 5,981

i also sum up the event during the play here:

max win streak 6  max lose streak 6

win point 19  lose point 30  tie 12 

busted 17  dealer busted 20

double win 10  double lose 0

bj 4  dealer bj 0

good split 1  bad split 1

as for the details you could see here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bXbuZYxY80OnD48ZsD1i57vPAOECSEodRzLQaRVErg4/edit#gid=281943396

ps. this is just me play a low amount of hand and low balance, it doesn't mean you'll gain profit using basic strategy only. so gamble responsible :) 

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