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What makes you to win or lose in gambling?

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Who does not like to win big?

We all like to win big and hit that big win. To win big we must properly understand the line that separates winning from losing because if we cross that line we will definitely end up in the wrong side. Its more like the border line that separates two hostile countries.

To win you must not stray to the other side, if you do so you will be in a downward spiral before you even realise it.

Some of the things that you can do so that you do not cross that line are:

1) Be aware of your emotions.

Being aware of your emotions will not make you to do those totally unnecessary bets when you are in rage, depressed or chasing losses.

2) Have a proper gambling plan.

Even when are you gambling for pure entertainment at least a simple game plan is important. Its easy to get lost with all those emotions and wandering on the wrong side.

3) Knowing the difference between entertainment and foolishness:

Gambling is for entertainment and not for making money. if you are good at it and lucky you win too. Foolishness is when you use money other than those which you can afford to lose gambling.

What do you think that makes you to win or lose in gambling?

To properly manage the risk while gambling do check out: https://www.smartgamblingedge.com/2018/10/properly-manage-risk-while-gambling.html

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It does seem a little familiar with another thread but the tips I suppose are well worthy of checking out. So thanks to you again @amarcrypto!

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