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Awesome Statistics

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2 minutes ago, hammad234 said:

hahha  looks like you weggered 100 btc:P


3 minutes ago, rockingmonk said:

good job man!!


4 minutes ago, Dan said:

Haha thats actually kinda cool, well done.


5 minutes ago, kendra said:

haha nice boss./  gl on betting

Thanks Guys for your comments. :x

Next Goal is for 0.9876543 :D

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2 minutes ago, 77kdub said:

wow that's pretty tricky so how long did it take to accomplish that one?  B|

It took me almost an hour to match those :DB|

29 minutes ago, Han2x said:

Cool. For sure you calculated your bet very well to have that. Congrats for that achievement. Good luck for another goal you want. 


33 minutes ago, Stalkerjex said:

lol nice statistic 0.12345678 and its 9 digit


1 hour ago, David Jones said:

Nice figure man......:D

Thanks Guys for your comments B|

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