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Visualizing Provably Fair

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I'm currently working on an idea of visualising provably fair. By this I mean instead of showing people what provably fair is by shoving them a bulk amount of code & text I want to give people a visual representation of what is happening behind the scenes. People are a lot more susceptible to learning when it is shown visually. I feel provably fair could be one of those things that will benefit from someone like this. 

I have some ideas at the moment, but I need some help. I'm not looking for videos, I'm looking for more of a way that when you click on a bet and then click "Verify" it pops up an animation of sorts & shows you how the bet is fair. Let me know if you want me to further clarify this if you're interested in helping as well! 

I'll be posting updates as I go along, if you have any suggestions contact me on Telegram (EdMiroslav) or reply here. 

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I think an animation would be great with a little bit of real time data like - the seeds and the nonce  , and it can be some floating boxes or something that can be relative to the theme of the site . shows the user that how the seeds and nonce are passed through a function (animation showing seeds and nonce going in and out of the functions boxes) and the output generated , using a few functions can be great . like the hmac , and the result corresponding to the tables given in the fairness tab ! 

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@Dan I think some simple animation would go a long way. Use the user's profile picture to represent them, and a Stake icon for the site. Both the user and the site have an animation showing them both providing their seeds, the nonce and round are tacked onto the client's seed, then both go into some sort of representation for the hash function. Could be a picture of some sort of "machine", just a simple box, anything really. Out comes that hash, but you wouldn't have to show the whole thing, just the first 8 characters or so, then an ellipsis, then split up those 4 hex pairs, show them changed into base 10, show the pieces multiplied by their powers of 256, show how they all add together to your number between 0 and 1. This is Stake specific of course.

Then you could even go as far as to create different ends for the animation for each game. Show how your 0 to 1 number is multiplied by 37, and then animate it moving to the correct spot on the roulette table for instance. Or show how a bunch of different numbers either 0 or 1 determine how the puck bounces on plinko. I think if you do things like only showing the first few characters of the long hex strings, make it a little colorful, and just abstract away all the crypto functions behind "machines" or pictures then that will go a long way.

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It's important to keep this simple and straight forward.

-A piece of paper with the number that is going to be rolled is placed inside of a treasure chest.

-An animation shows the Stake user with a pile of keys cut in half and then randomly selecting one out of the pile. All key halves vanish but the one chosen.

-A bet is placed and a number is rolled

-Stake supplies the other half of the key. Stake's half of a key and the players half are combined, the key goes in the chest and it opens. The paper pops out revealing the same number that was rolled.

-The results can't be influenced or changed because the chest can't be opened by either side alone.

Yes this does have a few minor flaws in how provably fair actually works, such as changing your key half should result in a new number, but the important thing is it's extremely easy to understand for people that are already lost once you say server seed. 


Example 2: 

-A Stake user is shown planting a literal seed in the ground and a plant grows with a number at the top.(the number can be influenced by the user)

-Stake is shown planting a seed in a pot and it's given to the Stake user.

-This plant grows bigger or just takes longer to grow and doesn't fully develop until after the bet is made.

-Once the bet is placed and the results are shown Stake's plant blooms revealing the number it was holding which is the server seed.

-These two numbers combine to generate the number rolled.

-The growing plant has an unrevealed number in it that can't changed during the betting process.

@Edward These are just rough drafts of course but if it's in the direction you're looking for I have more ideas.





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