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Visualizing Provably Fair

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I'm currently working on an idea of visualising provably fair. By this I mean instead of showing people what provably fair is by shoving them a bulk amount of code & text I want to give people a visual representation of what is happening behind the scenes. People are a lot more susceptible to learning when it is shown visually. I feel provably fair could be one of those things that will benefit from someone like this. 

I have some ideas at the moment, but I need some help. I'm not looking for videos, I'm looking for more of a way that when you click on a bet and then click "Verify" it pops up an animation of sorts & shows you how the bet is fair. Let me know if you want me to further clarify this if you're interested in helping as well! 

I'll be posting updates as I go along, if you have any suggestions contact me on Telegram (EdMiroslav) or reply here. 

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I think an animation would be great with a little bit of real time data like - the seeds and the nonce  , and it can be some floating boxes or something that can be relative to the theme of the site . shows the user that how the seeds and nonce are passed through a function (animation showing seeds and nonce going in and out of the functions boxes) and the output generated , using a few functions can be great . like the hmac , and the result corresponding to the tables given in the fairness tab ! 

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