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My first win

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On 10/15/2018 at 5:13 PM, Florence said:

i just participate in keno challenge and won it

KENO: 1,039,459,744

placed by Bhanu55 on 13/10/2018


0.00001205 bch.svg




0.00051815 bch.svg

ope to win more 

The nostalgia to win first time is really the best feeling!

I remember hitting my first win on a different website when I didn't know about stake. I felt like, is it real, did I just win real money? And then became super addicted to it lol!

Congrats! Hopefully you will win more ;)

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woah congrats buddy  . your win is not so big but as a first time winner , that will seem special to you   . 

 you just hit two bird with one stones because you win the challenge plus you also win personally  .

that is the good part of  doing challenges especially if the challenge is about higher payouts though it might  also be tough to complete sometimes when your luck isnt with you but overall challenges are still fun and thrilling even if its risky and chance of getting bust are real  .

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Nice win. 

Keno is the devil’s game like I have been advocating, but sometimes when he wants to tempt, a win can slip out and make Keno seem like the easiest game in the world to win on. 

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