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League of Legends - Worlds Betting

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League of Legends 2017 Worlds

Esports Betting - Fixed Odds


I am currently opening betting markets for the 2017 Worlds  League of Legends Tournament. If you wish to participate, you need to reply to this topic with the form provided. Once you have locked in your bet (by replying to this topic), You will be required to tip me via Stake and I will confirm here once accepted. You are eligible to bet on any odds I have provided here as long and you do so before I lock this topic. (If you tip me but don't leave a response on this topic, your bet will be refunded.) YOU CAN MAKE AS MANY BETS AS YOU LIKE.


Market: Worlds Champion
Wager Amount: 


Market: Worlds Champion (1st place)
Team who finishes first in the tournament

SK Telecom T1 2.30x
Longzhu 3.00x
Samsung Galaxy 5.50x
World Elite 10.00x
Team SoloMid 15.00x
Royal Never Giveup 15.00x
Edward Gaming 20.00x
Flash Wolves 30.00x
Immortals 30.00x
GIGABYTE Marines 40.00x
G2 Esports 40.00x
Cloud9 50.00x
Fnatic 60.00x
ahq e-Sports club 80.00x
Misfits 90.00x
Fenerbahce 100.00x


Market: Group Winner Closed!
Team who finishes first in their group

Group A

SK Telecom T1 1.03x
Edward Gaming 17.00x
Cloud9 26.00x
ahq e-Sports club 51.00x

Group B

Longzhu 1.03x
Immortals 15.00x
GIGABYTE Marines 26.00x
Fnatic 101.00x

Group C

Samsung Galaxy 1.44x
Royal Never Giveup 3.40x
G2 Esports 13.00x
Fenerbahce 34.00x

Group D

World Elite 2.10x
Team SoloMid 2.50x
Flash Wolves 5.50x
Misfits 26.00x

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5 hours ago, nhoyasim101 said:

Market: Group

Selection: Samsung Galaxy

Wager Amount: 0.001

Wager received, confirmed! Good Luck :)

nhoyasim101 +BTC 0.00100000

I have closed the group stage market, now that we have started day 3. If you missed out, you can still get in on the Outright World Champion Market.

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1 hour ago, Dan said:

We will hit week two of group stages on Thursday, pretty exciting stuff thus far. Just a reminder, it's not too late to get in on the action for the overall winner!

Who do you think will take home the summoners cup this year?

Most likely SK Telecom T1. 

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