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Hilo trick

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On 10/31/2018 at 2:34 PM, Owl182 said:

Never ever play seven's, nasty things... they will get you almost every time...

Try go same direction, as before :D I mean, if you choosed low and got 7, click low again, and otherwise. Somehow it makes your decisions more random, so works better :D

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I want to share my Hi-Lo experience anyway.

When I play safe. They always make the highest multiplier.

For example, if the card was A. It will going to A again, or another example. If I got card number 2. It always going to King, and then another King.

I dunno if this me not really lucky enough to win or I really need to try this trick to recover my balance.

Thanks for sharing. 

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On 10/31/2018 at 12:51 PM, miya2599 said:

hello everyone ... here I want to share the tricks for playing hilo. all right, we just discussed: D.

1. choose your initial card (usually I choose the prefix card 5)

2. from the prefix card 5 choose low, high, low high and so on until you reach payout 50x-100x

I chose the prefix 5, because I often get the prefix card 5. If you are lucky inside you can get 6-8 times this pattern in 100 games

the biggest payout I have ever gotten with this pattern is 2000x

Note: if you have already dealt with this pattern, do not try the pattern again for 10 rounds, because it will not work: D

Okay good luck everyone: D, I will add sample images to the pattern: D


 Thanks for  strategy 🏆

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Hi! so I tried this technique and after crashing several times trying to do too much or by bad luck I finally managed to make a beautiful one that gave me a x260 on a bet of 0.001 eth! so I won 0.26 eth🤑 which made up for my losses before! it was four days ago, since I made some nice hands! in any case there is a technique for the base but the rest is 50/50, 50% chance, 50% instinct!
Hi everyone and good luck!🍀


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