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Is it your Birthday?


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3 hours ago, truemeng said:

hi everyone!

so, as you may notice on stake chat, we have birthday celebrants almost everyday.
and many people wonder if those birthdays are Legit or well, randomly picked for fun ;)

so, with that, i would like to TRY to initiate sharing your REAL Birthdays here..

care to share? :)

My birthday is June 24th. I feel bored because people ask for tips because today is his birthday. Believe that someone will give you a tip without you asking for it. Give it a sign of caring. the important thing is that you care about other people too :D 

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I have my birthday on February 5th 1988!I am 30 years old, the age where you are neither too young to be listened to nor too old to be taken for a rambler, I am the ideal age according to me!and you talk about those who take the opportunity to make a fake birthday on the forum all its to have more reward! if it's true why not a little something but on the part of stake, eu they know if it's true or not!if not he sees his with their buddy!if it's not true it's really bad on their part!after me I see for example that the rain bot rewards several times the same guys in a day while I've been at least 3 days that I haven't had any bad luck!there's a secret??go bye!;)

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