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Is it your Birthday?

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My birthday is february 13.

I have seen some people saying in chat that it's their birthday to get tips or to passive beg from people or highrollers and get free money, while it might not even be their birthday. sometimes it is actually their birthday but then there are people who are greedy for money and just lie to get even a bit of money :/ i sometimes ignore them or just don't do anything at all xD

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18 hours ago, Irena said:

@truemeng wants people to doxx themselves... :P 

My birthday is on March 13th, btw. I bring bad luck. 😂

ssshhhh. don't expose our plan! :P

and there's no waaaaay youre bad luck *wink wink*

18 hours ago, badger said:

Lmao Irena, and nice post Waldo.

I believe only Etude is allowed daily birthdays... Mines March 18 1983. Ive had enough of them though. They can stop anytime. Please? No? Great.

oh, and happy birthday badgie! :P hahahaha


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Hey Guys! TKO here.

I've been on Stake for a decent amount of time now and I've made a lot of friends. But I've never known when their birthday are. I'd like to know so I'm able to tip them! :D 

On this thread, post your birthday dates! Everyone will get to know and then the issue of people saying "Today is my birthday" once ever month will also go away xD It's up to you if you want us to know how old you are xD 

Let me start it.

My birthday is on the 8th of February. (I'll be turning  20 this year :D)


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