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[ANN][10% POS][AIRDROP#3 OPEN] GPTCASH Cryptocurrency for the GPT Ind.

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https://gptcash.online | https://twitter.com/gptcashcoin | https://airdroptalkforum.com/

A Cryptocurrency for the GPT Industry

Project Introduction
GPTCash is a community cryptocurrency project and envisioned itself as one of the major payment currency in the GPT Industry. Our GPT platform will enable employers, advertisers and different companies to outsource job and manpower for more efficient and cost-effective way to complete their needs. GPT Industry is a billion dollar industry and many work at home people are turning to GPT Platform to earn extra money online. 

Unlike Other Cryptocurrency Project we are not promising fancy blockchain technology but a real use case by creating a real ecosystem and market behind GPTCash as a online currency for payment of goods and services.

Airdroptalkforum Introduction
Airdroptalkforum is our native cryptocurrency community forum. GPTCash Airdrop will fuel the growth of airdroptalkforum as a community forum. Forum Features includes Forum Chatbox, In-House Forum Currency, Lotto, Bank System,contest to name a few. Join Airdroptalkforum a be a pioneer members of our new community forum startup. https://airdroptalkforum.com



Coin Specification
Algorithm Scrypt
Type Proof of Stake
Coin name GPTCash
Coin Ticker GPTC
POS Rewards 10% Annually
Min Stake age 8 hours
Max Stake age Unlimited
Coinbase Maturity 20 Blocks
RPC port 43036
P2P port     43035
Coin supply 100200000 coins
Premine 40200000 coins

Premine Allocation 
Airdrop: 30,000,000
Mini Sale: 3,000,000 
Development Fund: 3,000,000
Founders Rewards: 1,500,000 (500k will be unlock after the airdrop)
The remaining 1M will slowly release 3 months after the airdrop on a monthly basis (10%) for 10 months
Bounty & Marketing: 1,500,000
Forum Giveaways: 200,000
Network: 1,000,000 (All Stake Rewards will be use for Giveaways) 
Use only for Network Security and Stability. After AD10 Community will decide what to do with the coin.

30 Rounds of Community Airdrop Project

Total Airdrop Allotment
30,000,000 GPTCash Coin
Total Airdrop Rounds
30 Weeks + 12 Months Exclusive Airdrop
[url=https://airdroptalkforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3]>> General Airdrop Rules <<[/url]

Airdrop Round #2: 750,000 GPTCash Coin 
[url=https://airdroptalkforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=201] >Registration OPEN<[/url]


Download GPTCash Wallet
GPTCash wallet is ONLY available for download in our website & official Github page

Available Node

GPTCash Official Explorer

GPTCash 3rd Party Explorer

Why Self Moderated? All Newbie SPAM & Bounty Question will be deleted on this thread. Please don't reserve translation on this ANN, a proper Bounty thread will announce later.

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GPTCash announce future plans for airdrop round 6

Hello Everyone! Welcome again to Bitnewsportal.com. The home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity! Today we will feature an article about the future plans of GPTCash in upcoming airdop round number 6.

GPTCash recently announce their plans of action in GPTCash Airdrop Project. The Dev team posted serveral things on what GPTCash community can expect from GPTCash in the upcoming weeks... READ MORE: http://bitnewsportal.com/gptcash-announce-future-plans-for-airdrop-round-6/

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GPTCash Project will Generate Revenues from Advertising

Hello Goodmorning Everyone! Welcome again to Bitnewsportal Blog, The home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity. Today we will discuss the recent announcement made by the GPTCash Dev team about the income stream from in-forum advertising.

GPTCash Dev team are actively seeking a real use case for GPTCash and their first coarse of action is to start selling advertising space on their native cryptocurrency forum named Airdroptalkforum.com...READ MORE: http://bitnewsportal.com/gptcash-project-will-generate-revenues-from-advertising/

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GPTCash 2nd Weekly Community Newsletter

Hello GoodMorning Everyone! Welcome again to Bitnewsportal Blog. The home of the best project and airdrop opportunity. As we welcome 2019, We will feature another weekly community newsletter for GPTCash airdrop project.

Cheaters, Abusers, Multiple Accounts that is the common cancer in the whole crypto-currency airdrop opportunity! They are those people that take advantage of the system in order to gain more while the real legit members suffers in the end. GPTCash take a pro-active actions against all those types of misbehavior by Restarting the Blockchain and Introduce a coinswap to eliminate cheaters in the system...[url=http://bitnewsportal.com/gptcash-2nd-weekly-community-newsletter]READ MORE[/url]

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