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An old but working strat!

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Another strategy. I think the most people know how it works. Well, I tested my own start (I make my own strategies if u didn't know it). And I lost a lot of bits from it! Like 1100 bits. (Maybe for bigmoney people nothing, but for me it is a lot). So I tried to old but gold method.

Go to dice, and click on autobet.
Do payout 2x, and do base bet how much u want. Make sure u have a lot between what u have an what you bet. (I bet 1bit, while my balance is 1000 bits).
Now just click on start automatic betting and watch! Here was my live stats:

As u also can see, on the moment when it went up really slow, I betted 0.10 bits. Now I bet 1 and it goes a lot faster. Btw, my method that I was trying was that before. You bet a lot, but you also make a lot of  profit when you are lucky!

That is it for today!

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