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Hi there,

Introduction thread is here so you can introduce yourself to the community: https://forum.stake.com/board/35-introductions/

If you are smart, Hi/Lo is a very profitable game if you bet small and stay wise to the game. Don't exceed any high amounts and play smart at all times. You will do well. But since I recently busted 0.5 LTC - no need to listen to my advise - lol.

Mines are very difficult but it can stand out quite profitable too! 

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7 hours ago, BadG said:

Hello Im BadG, I want to ask Which game is here better for more proffit without busting

Keno Plinko BlackJack Baccarat Mines Hi-Lo Dice ..... ❤️

Without busting? You can't, every games can make you busting, not only profit. For me blackjack and diamondpoker is the easier one to get profit.

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I practice HI-LO, otherwise it is the mines; I put 8 bombs and at each beginning I look for a maximum of diamonds during 3 or 4 turns according to my bet, if I lose too many turns of rows I double each time by looking for just two mines its made me of x2.18 and its catches up the blow and I start again from the beginning!
but as blueprints says, if you're looking for stable, like a 50% chance, that's what you need!
Hi!!! and good luck!🍀

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