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Cryptodice—Dice Has Never Been This Lucky!

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Cryptodice has stepped up its game and launched through a new domain, https://luckydapps.com/! This DApp sure is lucky, for new features were added to the game site, all of which we are going to look into in this article! Here is a list of the add-ons made in the new site for better gameplay and experience:



Cryptodice is a game based on the casino game Sic Bo. For all game enthusiasts that wants to try different games but don’t know how to play Sic Bo, Cryptodice allocated a page on the site dedicated to give new players instructions on how to play the game!



Since humans are curious beings, Cryptodice knows how players have a lot of questions in mind before playing a certain game. Questions like the game’s edge, security, honesty and registration are answered in the FAQ page in the new site!



Cryptodice is now easier to reach! In just one click from the Telegram or Contact buttons in the game site, you may reach its customer service and interact with a representative who can answer all of your questions!



You may check out and follow Cryptodice’s social media links easier by clicking the logos provided in the new game site.



If you find bugs or glitches in the game, you need not to worry! In the new game site, Cryptodice provided an email address where you can send your concerns. It would also help if you send a screenshot of the problem you found.


The game may have launched to a new domain, but it’s still the game we all loved! Support Cryptodice by checking out https://luckydapps.com/!

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