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What will you do when youre so broke after lose a lot balance?

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On 11/8/2018 at 11:47 AM, Mistake said:

What you will do guys?


1.Muted my self

2.Say anything bullshit on chat

3.Dontknow what should i do

4.Leave stake for a week :)

What you will do guys?


1. Calculate the amount of my loss

2. Try Again

3. Try Again

4. Raise 2x My bet

5. Try Again

6. Win and get Profit

7. 1-6 Repeated :v

Don't Break Up, Keep trying even though the chances of winning are very small :D

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1. Play with any other coin I might've received from rain while wagering.

2. Bust those, deposit some more

3. bust those as well, deposit everything

4. bust those, withdraw faucets from sites

5. bust those and leave stake for a week until I've bought some more crypto to deposit again

6. Repeat

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