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When did you join stake? And what is you first time game on stake?

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6 minutes ago, bmg said:

I joined in september of 2017 and i think i played keno or plinko first

Plinko is the best bmg :D btw where at you why not on chat? Pub

5 minutes ago, gougou said:

Joined on 10/04/2017 .i think i am from the most old players here in stake

Same as me :D

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I joined in mid August after the Runescape youtuber "a friend" got banned from Runescape after promoting this site. The reason was for promoting real world trading (selling virtual gold for IRL money) to a gambling addicted community ie me LOL and it worked RIP. He was offered enough money in btc to buy an apartment in Lithuania from Stake so I don't blame him for taking the offer. He received a lot of backlash from the Runescape community initially but time heals even the deepest of wounds and he is back making progress videos on Runescape again. It was like watching a heroine addict get his life back together. First game was Hi-Lo, I won $50 from my first deposit and I was hooked for good :(

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I join one month ago, because stake advertisement at twitter. Got some win from giveaway, and trying to play it here. Got profit too and withdrawal without problem. So, I really addicted in here,many gameplay and great community. 

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