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Bitcoin will never reach $1,000,000

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Hello Friends , lot of stories , opinion, advice , ignorance, etc. are going in crypto market, and as we know that 99% of people believe #bitcoin will never reach $1,000,000

but it's worth noting that it was not that long ago that 99% of people had never even heard of BTC.

First there was the discovery stage, now we are in the awareness stage and next comes the widespread adoption stage.

What your thinking says  Friends ?

Stay active, update and cool , we are here to win in crypto market.


Good Luck 


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1 hour ago, flansca said:

We never known, even it was 1:billions probability. Depends on market regulations and usage may increase cryptocurrency value.

Now that would be another question to ask. How possible we think it will reach a billion lol now that i doubt will ever happen. 

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99% ahh that is a bit extreme. It will never hit 1 million sorry to disappoint yall. Do the math it would be insane. 21.000.000 is the max supply of bitcoin. 1mil for 1 bitcoin? That would be a marketcap of But never say never :/

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