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Any movie suggestion from you?

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Comedy - Rush Hour all of the parts and umm Action all of the Mission Impossible series especially the 4th one i dont know the real names but i like all of them because of the gadgets they use. They have gadgets that literally can help you climb the Burj Khalifa. 

Also if you haven't watched Fast and Furious then watch them but i would suggest you to watch them in order to get the thriller of the movie. 

Also i know you didnt want serials but just try just do try and watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S and also Brooklynn Nine Nine. if you want i can send you torrent links for downloading it or online links for streaming it :) 

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Hello griffineyrolds , if you are searching for comedian movies i will suggestion you a movie called " The three Stoges" 

Three Lolot! Abandoned on the stairs of an orphanage with nuns when they were babies, Moya, Lerri and Curcelli grow out of each other's eyes, firing at dacha and slamming heads. Now, the ineffective trio - pure in heart, but lacking in the trunk - find themselves on a crazy mission to rescue their childhood home from bankruptcy.

This movie is made in 2012 but its very commedian i will preffer you to watch this movie :) 

Another Action movie is called : Alone We Fight 2018 

Facing great hardships, a small but determined American soldier goes into the territory of a dangerous enemy on a mission to stop an advanced German unit to break the ally border.


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