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On 8/19/2019 at 7:19 PM, EpicGord said:

Mydicebot is working very slowly on Android, like bet speed is slow and copying and pasting code is not very user friendly

will investigate, btw, what is the hardware and android verison of your android phone?


MyDiceBot - 19.8.21 Desktop & Browser Editions & Auto Update!

MyDiceBot is supporting two different types of editions for PC right now

  •     Desktop Edition - Embedded Chrome by using Electron, to avoid browser compatibility issues.
  •     Browser Edition - Smaller size and need to open the UI through your local default browsers.

Desktop Edition is supporting auto update

  •     YES, the Desktop Edition will notify you once there is any update of new versions, automatically.

Desktop Edition is supporting Raspberry Pi NOW!

  •     Choose the mydicebot-desktop-19.8.21-armv7l.AppImage, have fun then.



  •     Why download .AppImage does not work on Linux?
  •     A: Using command 'chmod +x mydicebot-desktop-xxx.AppImage' to let the binary has execution mode, then it works.
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How to scripting in MyDiceBot



Official Promotion - Experience of using MyDiceBot

Random Airdrop 100 DOGE everyday

# What you need to do

  • Everyone can join
  • Reply this thread with anything you want to talk about MyDiceBot
  • At least 200 words in your reply/feedback
  • Positive feedback or Negative feedback are both acceptable
  • Leave your DOGE wallet receiving address/Or Tip you on Stake directly

# What we will do

  • Random pick up a reply everyday
  • Airdrop 100 DOGE to the author's DOGE wallet of the reply/Or Tip you on Stake directly

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