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Ready for Christmas?

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Hey everyone. 

So We are once again approaching the end on November (8days left) getting ready for the countdown for 

Christmas. It’s  my a absolute favourite time or year,!

I’m curious of how many of you guys are super organised and have already shopped packed and wrapped for everything you need ?

Do you have an endless gift list that you haven’t even looked at since you wrote it in June? 

Does anyone have any Christmas traditions they refuse to brake?

Or are you like me and think to yourself “ hmm it’s only November, no need to rush “ then realise like i do every year that everything you intended to buy is usually out of stock. I put it off off u till the absolute last minute because I loathe the idea of standing in line for over an hour in Argos next to someone who usually has a terrible cold and is sneezing and sniffling right next you ! Eww 😷.?

Another way of getting through the list is online shopping! Are you a stay at home relax and have everything brought to your door kind of Christmas shopper ? 

I admit I have brought down my Christmas tree and decorations, lights , baubles , candles tinsel , the whole shabang! 

since some of my friends on here are celebrating thanksgiving around this time of year I wanted to wish you guys happy thanking,

I also know some cultures don’t celebrate Christmas at all , which is fine , so what else is happening for you this time of year ?

I love reading your comments , , ❤️





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