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Hello, ive collected some questions about junk food and i was just wondering if you could take some time answering them. So..

(1)What springs to mind when you hear the term ‘junk food’?

(2)How often do you eat junk food?

(3)What is it about junk food that is so bad for us?

(4)Do you think there should be a junk food tax to help pay for people who go to hospital with heart and weight problems?

(5)Why is junk food so delicious?

(6)Are parents who feed junk food to their children irresponsible?

(7)Do you think there’ll be more or less junk food in the future?

(8)What junk food do you really, really like?

(9)Is the junk food from your country tastier than the junk food from other countries?

(10)How can you change your lifestyle to eat less junk food?

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