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General questions and answers about the "Affiliates" Program

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Hello. This time I will tell you something about "Affiliates"

   Affiliates are programs (I think) to get a recruit and get some funds (without reducing funds from the recruits). And now we know that Stake has a House Edge of 0.5% -1.1%, except for the "Roulette" Game which has a House Edge of 2.7%.

Q = How to generate funds with this "Affiliates" program?
A = The method is very easy. That is, just allowing referrals to play as usual, you have already gotten some funds in the Affiliate -> Campaigns (but before that, you have to invite someone to use your campaign code).

Q = How much did I get from this "Affiliates" program?
A = 10% of House Edge. For example: Your referral plays Charbet, where the Edgenya House is 1% and the bet is 10k satoshi. So, the results you get are 1% x 10% x 10,000 satoshi = 10 satoshi (0.1% of house edge). What if your referral bet is 0.1 btc? great results too?

Q = Is there a limit in getting referrals?
A = There is no limit in getting referrals. You can invite as many friends as you want.

Q = Are there any deductions from the Referral Results when my referral wins or loses?
A = Winning and Losing Your referral does not affect your Referral Revenue Fund. You still get 0.1% commission

If there are mistake in my Topics, please comment and critique / suggestion. Because criticism can make my posts better in the future. :D


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Nice info there! If you have skill to ask people to join in public, you would achieve many people that joined your affiliate. You would get much profit from that. 

Well, it was hard too, because Stake already known as crypto-gambling and many of gambler knows. They already used any affiliate and someone just step by without any affiliate.

Only, I want like one people had one special link for his affiliate account, and giving option to people who join without affiliate, like do you want to write the code that given by people to you for playing in this site. It would be great for commission, but I don't want to ask much for that. Stake already did many generous things, so It just my opinion about affiliates.

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