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Hola peeps, I did couple of android games, tell me what do you think about them.
So the first game is zombie running/jumping and shooting, the blond character is better because it has bigger blasts :D

The second game is about falling squirrel, in this one you need to avoid obstacles, collect nuts to buy power-ups to escape danger and you can change the squirrel ( skin) as well.

And the last one ( my favorite :D) is Falling coins, in this one you need to collect/accumulate coins.

Please try them out I will be happy for any feedback.
I will also make 2 more games but those 2 will be 3d with good graphics and stuff :).

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Interesting that you develop Android games niki, nice! :)

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2 minutes ago, chapig said:

Wow!, that is very nice of you. How long have you been coding.

I want to learn how to do those things since I am into those topics. 

Congratulations!, I am going to try your apps.

No need for coding to make such a game, you can make this kinda games with unity, buildbox, godot ( godot is free) and many other programs.

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