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A short tutorial on how to reduce lag

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Ok this is just a kind of a short tutorial on how to make the site Stake.com faster for loading on the Mobile Devices not PC since PC is already quick af. Some of you get the balance shown as loading... for a long time right ? This is a fix for it ? And also for those whose stake chat and PM's are laggy and that a message you sent goes to the user after like 2-3 Seconds or minutes depends on the phone and browser. 

The method is go to the history tab and clear history cache and cookies Warning this will log you out of all existing pre loged in sites and all saved passwords will be forgotten. This worked very very well for me infact its much much smoother for me now. 

If it doesn't work for you try uninstalling the browser you use for Stake.com and re install and try again I am sure it will work. 

Warning : All methods will or maybe not make you loose your saved passwords and pre logged in sites will be logged out.

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For PC : Upgrade your hardware if you still using old one, there is no tweak if you still using old hardware. Only if you need some extra tweaking like disabling windows services (in case you using windows), cleaning cache on the web browser, or even change your web browser. If you still using google chrome and you have little RAM on your computer, I suggest to switch your web browser to opera web browser. 

For Mobile : Change your phone, try to not auto-run all unneeded apps. Use cleaner to clean ram that being use, clean web browser cache if you don't want to uninstall. 

Well, let us wait for the next development of Stake 2.0 on mobile. I hope they make it more faster and friendly-use. If you still getting any lag if you having super smart phone, you can wait for the next update.

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