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🎨 Blackjack Redesigned

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Well, now that you mention it, I think the problem with the colors is the big pallete: green, skyblue, orange, dark blue (the "Black" K is not the same as background), yellow and pinkish red.

Simplifying the pallete to less colors and associating the color of the "HIT" button with the color of the reverse of the cards, instead to the color of the "Bitcoin" logo, would improve it:

Example 1:


Example 2:



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You could keep the bet options at the bottom right, if you were to use the same overall layout you have now in portrait mode. The stuff on the left side panel would be closer, right underneath them.

Using the same general layout for both saves you from needing two designs arrangements, and the only major difference would be having full screen chat for portrait, while chat in landscape would dock to either side when not hidden. Just like right now on that point.

Just saying. 😛

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22 hours ago, DreamStage said:

Loved the design (textures used), especially the layout but somethings off with that green dark color from the payout report. Maybe a bit less dark? To make it Color Blindness friendly?

While it isn't all that large, It's on the bright side as it is. Should be the combination, it might pose a problem for those whow have trouble with greens against that background. 

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