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Return Mod Owly (RU chat) - poll

Return Mod OWLI (RU chat)   

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  1. 1. Voting Russian chat.

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Hi all,

Just to be clear, the demotion of @Owly has nothing to do with @flansca!

I am not sure what the reason for the demotion is, as I was asleep, but I will arrange for someone to provide a short bit of communication to shed some light on the situation. I am assuming that it is related to abusing his position as a moderator.

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Hey all, with this I want to apologize that we didn't explain sooner why Owly was demoted.

There are a couple of reasons but we will give the 2 main ones:

1. Abusing his moderator position

2. Way too many complaints about him


I understand that you like him, I like him as well, he was a strict moderator and I liked that a lot but there has to be a boundary. I'm sorry if I'm gonna disappoint you guys but returning Owly to a mod position is not an option. 

Once again, thank you Owly for everything that you've done for us and I hope we'll see you on Stake as we used to.

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