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Crypto Fundamental and Technical Analysis : 06/12/2

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Hello Friends, Hope all are learning and earning safe in Crypto Market .  i am sharing here the article where you can read and know all importance Concurrency Fundamental and Technical Information what is very useful in trading and understanding where crypto market going :

Highlight of the Crypto Market : This my blog will cover how Pro-Crypto SEC Commissioner: Don't Wait on Bitcoin ETF, Could Take Days or Years   Technical views on market analysis BTC dominance is 54.7% (+0.1%). The total market cap is currently at $119,203,091,967 . The market volume of the last 24h was $15,735,425,636.Cryptocurrencies: 2068 • Markets: 15683

Kindly visit if you keen to learn or get useful information of crypto market at one place in my blog where i have collected most important fundamental and technical analysis with charting to understand in easy ways . 

Visit for full details and trading idea  here  ==>> https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/917432840260530176

Hope this will help you in learning and earning safely:


Good Luck :

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