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Something better then a "guess this number" game. It is tedious and uneffective to prompt stake.

Something to do with sports and challenges like who won the nba championship the most in league history. Something like these type of questions so to reflect on the new portion of the site unveiling soon. ;)

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How about races for all .... different tiers...


meaning... the race will calculate total loss as wel as wager... ... meaning if at any point the user loses x amount.... then they will either be disqualified or movedown a tier in the race as in their max prize will decrease...

so thier would worklikethis the logic...

group 1: if during race the user does nit ever lose more than 20 dollars, then the max wager in this froup will yield x amounT which will be a high prize


then group 2 id user does not ever go below 50 dollars then max wager in the group would give z1 amount of coin for 1st place z2 for 2nd and z3 for 3rd etc..


then if user does not lose more than 100 dollars durinf this race at any point.......

and final group if usee does not lose mire than 500 then etc etc etc..

the user will automaticall fall into the highest yeildinf group and only be able to win 1 prize in all the groups..


this should really level the playing field. It will make lower user wagering ppl also excited and try to win the lets say 300k prize for not losing more than 20 bucks during rhe race... it will automatically throw the high wager whales out into their own lleauge as well and they will not be competing for the 300k prize the  first group is competing for as their wagee will be way more than anyone in rhe first group

and so on...


i think this logic is beautufl and works so that everyone can really partake in the races and wont inherintly ve just for the rishest of the rish...


i think this is such a good setup that stake is going to implement this one of a kind system and just tweak the pyouts and the groups a bit to their specification 


let me hear you roar now from this thought goo rawwwrr

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how about a fun race so starting everyday at the same time today 100 winners go to next day for new race then ( only those 100 can join the next race) and 75 winners go to the next day then 50 winners only 30 then 20 then 10 then 3 and only those 3 win lets say price pool is 1 btc 1 place gets 45% 2 place gets 25% 3 place gets 20% and place 4-10 gets the rest 10% and the other people who was in the races 11-100 dont get anything cuz they suck xD

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Not only giveaways, but rains too....I think they should be less frequent so the giveaway is more significant. I think that is a good way to maximize participation.... Make the giveaway large enough that the people of the community set a reminder to be there.

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Today I won a bet so close to crash and that gave me an Idea for a giveaway that you might make.  The person who cashout closest to the crash will win the giveaway.  You can make it mandatory like above bet payout must have been above 10 or whatever you would like to make.  This challenge or giveaway whatever you can make will be a good chase for everyone as everyone will try to beat other ones score.


I won with 5.64X payout while crash happened at 5.86X so that was a close call that I made at right time.

Crash: 7417499353

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