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2 Films and 1 TV show from Argentina

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FILM 1: Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales)

Relatos_salvajes.jpg.d9b1294d56cf5408ebf4b5a6db3064fc.jpg erica-rivas.jpg.8522c09cf8b98c7af1d1af3400d8bef6.jpg

6 tales in the same film. You can just watch the first tale, and then decide if you want to see the other five, because they are not connected, but they have something in common: one word, one action, unleash the wild side of the people and leads to an ultimate vengeance. 



FILM 2: Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens)


My favourite argentinian film, and maybe in my top 3 of all films of the whole world: Two con-artists find an opportunity to sell the famous "nueve reinas" stamps to a rich spanish stamps collector... but they have to close the deal today, no matter what.

It is a 1999 film, a little aged now, but the story is mindblowing and extremely well thought.



TV Show: Los Simuladores (The Pretenders)


They can "solve any kind of problems"; do you have problems in love, at work, with the local mafia? They solve it by creating a "simulacrum", tricking the people involved into believing in an alternative reality where nothing is what it really seems.

Care, this is the original argentinian version. There is also a chilean and spanish adaptation (the spanish adaptation has one actor in common with the argentinian one, Mario Santos). The argentinian version is available in Netflix (some countries may need a VPN to be able to see it).


This is the first episode with english subtitles, enable it on youtube:


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