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The story of how I met my online friends from Stake

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so guys my last post was removed because it was copy-past and im sorry for that it wont happen again.
so didn't know it wasn't allowed. will let you guys in how i met my  gambling friends  with crypto coins. so i stared  cryptogambling when i was about 20 i first started with a dice site there i didnt really know how the crypto coins was worth so i was always losing without really knowing how much i lost because i was new to this bitcoins thing  so i left the dice site for awhile then i went to anothr site that is currently unavailable  were i met bazinga and furlicuios. furlicuios was alwys winning and tipping out so one time she tippedd me and we started talking lol. then bazinga introduced me to BV were i met badger and 77kdub ,bmg / bigman23 and wryy  and a lot of diffrend people so i spend most of my time there until bazinga hit me up again with stake lol bazinga was always the guy that hook me up with killer site with some good faucets. so at stake i met with etude my newest friend and few other and here i fell in love with hilo and mines lol all because of bazinga i met all you wonderfull people and im really glad i did not a day goes by i regret it i Love you guys and stake.  was stake your  first crypto gambling experience or what brought you to stake and who is your stake best friend

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